Peter Manning Robinson Inspires at Sold-out Vortex Dome | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Peter Manning Robinson Inspires at Sold-out Vortex Dome

On Saturday, November 11th, Emmy award winning song writer, inventor, and virtuoso Peter Manning Robinson performed at the sold-out Los Angeles Vortex Dome. Using his one-of-a-kind Refractor Piano, Mr. Robinson awed audiences with both original compositions and adaptations of modern classics. Blending jazz and classical styles with influences from the world around him, Peter Manning Robinson guided those in attendance on a musical voyage that was nothing short of inspirational, and original video art created by Hana Kim and direction by Klaus Hoch contributed to the complete musical experience.


“Watching a Peter Manning Robinson concert up close is a unique and inspiring experience. It was such a pleasure to listen and watch someone make music that is truly original and assemble that music right in front of you.” – Dustin Brown, Hollywood Press Corps


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