Akira Yamaoka to create the music and sound of “Let it Die”

Akira Yamaoka — best known for the music and sound design on the Silent Hill series – has created the music and sound design for the PS4 exclusive hack and slash game “Let It Die”. It features Akira’ immersive original music and sound design as well as original songs with over 100 musicians from Japan.

“The question I always have in my mind when working on music for any game, whether it’s Silent Hill or Shadow of the Damned, I always think about what I can do for this art form and for the video game as a whole. For Let It Die it’s the same way. I’m not only acting as an artist, but thinking what I can do for the game as a whole. In that sense, right now, it’s not about what kind of genre you’ll be listening in this game, but I’m trying to come up with a system where I can have many artists in Japan to create music for this game, and then deliver that to the world.”

Akira Yamaoka – http://www.akirayamaoka.jp/