Tim Wynn to score ‘MECH-X4’ | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Tim Wynn to score ‘MECH-X4’

Disney XD has ordered the show ‘MECH-X4’ ,scored by Tim Wynn, and is scheduled to premier this fall.

The live-action sci-fi adventure comedy series ,starring up-and-comer Nathaniel James Potvin, follows Ryan Walker (Potvin), a freshman at Bay City High who has technopathy – the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind. His talent mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant 120-foot robot built by an elusive genius-in-hiding to defend their town against impending doom.

Tim Wynn’s work includes CW’s long-running hit series ‘Supernatural’, Netflix series ‘Atelier’, EA’s video game ‘Command & Conquer’ series and Creative Assembly’s ‘Total War’ series.

Tim Wynn – http://timwynn.net