Steven Argila Receives Praise for ‘Abe and Phil’s Last Poker Game’

Steven Argila’s score for ‘Abe and Phil’s Last Poker Game’ has received a glowing review from Soundtrack Dreams critic Mihnea Manduteanu. The critic praised Argila for creating “a warm and mostly relaxing texture where the occasional emotional twists work like a charm without adding extra weight to the music.”

Manduteanu compared Steven Argila to acclaimed film composer Thomas Newman, writing “just like a light Thomas Newman score I like the general feeling of peace and sun the music gives me.” He further complimented Steven by writing, “Steven Argila writes exactly the type of score that works both for a movie like this and as a relaxing standalone listening experience. I found myself smiling quite often and hearing it was as enjoyable as a Sunday afternoon in a park and once it was over I was left in a very pleasant mood.”


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