Cris Velasco’s ‘Freakish 2’ Premieres Today on Hulu | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Cris Velasco’s ‘Freakish 2’ Premieres Today on Hulu

Freakish, Hulu and AwesomenessTV’s teen zombie drama, returns to Hulu for its second season today, October 18th. Cris Velasco scores the season’s 10 half-hour episodes. The show, which can be described as The Walking Dead meets The Breakfast Club, follows a group of high schoolers trapped inside a high school during a zombie outbreak.

In addition to composing music for TV and film, Cris Velasco is best known for his work on acclaimed video games such as Agents of MayhemOverwatch, and Mass Effect 3.


Website – Cris Velasco
To watch ‘Freakish 2’ – Hulu