‘Rememory’ Official Trailer Released – Scored by Gregory Tripi

Gregory Tripi scored the up-and-coming scientific thriller, ‘Rememory’, which stars Peter Dinklage as Sam Bloom, an architectural-model builder who years ago survived a wreck that killed his rock-star brother (Matt Ellis). Guilt-plagued, he’s especially sorry that he can’t remember the final words his brother mumbled as he died. No wonder that he takes interest in Dunn’s newly announced invention, attending a pre-launch event and, when he overhears a dispute between Dunn and Wendy, a woman who participated in the product’s tests (Evelyne Brochu), seeing if he can learn more. When Dunn winds up dead, Sam knows things the police don’t, and decides to steal the Rememory device, both for his own purposes and to find the killer.

The official trailer was released today, August 14, 2017, which you can watch below: