Soundtrack Music Associates | ‘Flying Colors’ to Open Big in China, Scored by Eishi Segawa
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‘Flying Colors’ to Open Big in China, Scored by Eishi Segawa

‘Flying Colors’ (Japanese Title: ビリギャル, Chinese Title: 墊底辣妹) has opened big in China in more than 2,000 theaters. The film has topped the Japanese box-office in 2015 and received a number of awards at the Japanese Academy Awards among many other.
The film story of around a problematic blonde struggles with academia but wants to enter one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Having just one year to accomplish her goal, and after meeting with one of her teachers, she finds the motivation to focus on her studies and drive herself to success.
Eishi Segawa is a LA-based multi-award winning composer, who has scored many top box office films and high rating television series in Japan.
Eishi Segawa –