Soundtrack Music Associates | Justin Melland to score Showtime Series ‘Dark Net’
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Justin Melland to score Showtime Series ‘Dark Net’

Justin Melland will score ‘Dark Net’, the Showtime eight-part docuseries that explores the dark side of technology. Described as an exploration of the netherworld where virtual and physical lives collide, the series reveals “a more ominous and disturbing perspective of a digitally connected world where our every action is collected and stored”.  ‘Dark Net’ is set to premiere on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 11:00 p.m.

Justin Melland work includes Oprah’s ‘Belief‘, the Oscar nominated documentary ‘The Death of Kevin Carter‘, ‘Under Our Skin‘ (Tribeca Film Festival 2008),‘In Football We Trust’ (Sundance Film Festival 2015) and ‘The Kill Team’




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