Soundtrack Music Associates | ‘The Girl In The Photographs’ will premiere at TIFF scored by Nima Fakhrara
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‘The Girl In The Photographs’ will premiere at TIFF scored by Nima Fakhrara

Nima Fakhrara is reteaming with director Nick Simon on the upcoming horror thriller ‘The Girl in the Photographs’. The film stars Kal Penn, Claudia Lee, Kenny Wormald , Toby Hemingway, Luke Baines, Miranda Rae Mayo, Katherine Isabelle and Mitch Pileggi. The movie follows a celebrity photographer and his entourage who descend upon a sleepy community to investigate the bloody doings of a serial killer. Simon has also co-written the screenplay with Osgood Perkins (Cold Comes the Night) and Robert Morast. Thomas Mahoney and Andrea Chung (The Damned) are producing the project. Wes Craven (Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street) serves as an executive producer. Fakhrara has previously scored Simon’s previous feature Removal starring Billy Burke, as well as last year’s Simon-scripted ‘The Pyramid’. ‘The Girl in the Photographs’ is set to premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival.

Fakhrara’s recent film scoring credits also include the dramatic thriller ‘Consumed‘ directed by Daryl Wein and starring Zoe Lister Jones, Danny Glover, Victor Garber, Taylor Kinney, Anthony Edwards, Griffin Dunne, Kunal Nayyar and Beth Grant. The movie, which follows the intertwined stories of an organic farmer and a biotechnology CEO and the quest of a single mother working to uncover the cause of her son’s mysterious illness premiered at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival and is currently awaiting a distribution deal.




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