Tim Bright to join SMA | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Tim Bright to join SMA

As an original member of Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories in the 1990’s, Tim Bright received a Grammy Nomination and two double platinum records. He founded Samsara (WB) and teamed up with his good friend Chad Fischer to form Lazlo Bane (Almo/Interscope) co-writing the song “Superman” used as the theme song of hit comedy show “Scrubs” for 9 seasons.  He has toured extensively in the US and abroad appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Top of the Pops, Lilith Fair, WABC, WNBC, WCBS BBC, MTV, VH1 and PBS.  Tim is continually active in the NYC music scene as a music producer and composer working for major labels, indies, publishers, ad agencies and music houses.  He has written songs and contributed score to many films including Fahrenheit 911, Panic, Little Manhattan, and The Rocker.  In 2007, Tim scored all six seasons of WABC’s hit show “Private Practice” and provided the theme song to match.  He has composed music for a wide variety of commercial campaigns such as Ikea, Target, Heineken, Aeropostale and GM.  In 2009 Tim began working with world renowned artist Matthew Day Jackson on musical score and sound design for installations, videos and film.  These collaborations have been exhibited at galleries and museums world wide.



Tim Bright – http://www.sixtycyclemusic.com/