Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury Scoring 'Ex Machina' | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury Score ‘Ex Machina’

Geoff Barrow, the British music producer, composer and founding member of the band Portishead, and his film co-composer partner Ben Salisbury have received rave reviews for their score for the new DNA/Universal hit movie Ex Machina, written and directed by Alex Garland and produced by Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. DNA Films producer Andrew Macdonald describes their film-scoring partnership as “setting an incredibly high bar of creative skill and integrity. Their music is brilliant, unique and truly cinematic”.


Earlier Geoff wrote the original score, and was music supervisor for graffiti artist Banksy’s Oscar Nominated documentary feature film Exit Through The Gift Shop.  Emmy Nominated Ben’s recent movie credit includes the 2013 documentary feature Beyonce – Life Is But A Dream as well as the last three of the BBC’s David Attenborough’s Life Of …  series. Together, the pair also write and perform as electronic act Drokk, and in 2012 they released to universal acclaim “for it’s cinematic style” the album Drokk: Music Inspired By Mega-City One.


Portishead’s tracks have featured in more than 60 films and tv dramas and Ben has more than 100 film and tv composing credits to his name. They met playing football in Bristol where they both live and first worked together on a unique concert at Bristol’s famed Colston Hall venue featuring acts from Geoff’s own Invada Records label and the iconic Emerald Ensemble for which Ben did the arrangements. This led onto the Drokk project and then the film scoring partnership.


Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury on Rolling Stone.