Justin Melland scores Sundance film ‘In Football We Trust’ | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Justin Melland scores Sundance film ‘In Football We Trust’

‘In Football We Trust’ is a documentary about Four young Polynesian football players struggle to overcome gang violence and poverty as they enter the high-stakes world of recruiting, competitive athletics and family pressures.

JUSTIN MELLAND has over 50 feature and documentary film credits to his name, including Oscar® nominee THE DEATH OF KEVIN CARTER, WHEN THE STORM CAME (Winner, Short Film, Sundance Film Festival 2004) UNDER OUR SKIN (Tribeca Film Festival 2008), LIFE 2.0 (Sundance Film Festival 2010), THE REDEMPTION OF GENERAL BUTT NAKED (Winner, Cinematography Sundance Film Festival 2011), THE KILL TEAM (Oscar® Finalist 2015, Winner, Best Documentary Tribeca Film Festival 2013, Oscilloscope Labs). He has also written scores for television series such as the epic 7 hour television event, BELIEF (Oprah Winfrey and Part2 Pictures), National Geographic Explorer, A&E’s City Confidential, Frontline/WORLD, and the History Channel’s Human Weapon. Melland received his Master’s Degree in music composition at UCLA and UC Berkeley, and resides in Venice, California.