Cliff Martinez to score ‘Far Cry 4’ | Soundtrack Music Associates
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Cliff Martinez to score ‘Far Cry 4’

Cliff Martinez, the talent behind a raft of memorable soundtracks for Drive, Solaris, Traffic and most recently The Knick, has composed a soundtrack for Ubisoft’s forthcoming first-world shooter Far Cry 4, one of the biggest game releases of the year.

Working with music supervisors at Ubisoft’s Montreal base, Martinez came up with original music to bring to life the gameplay in the fictitious Himalayan region of Kyrat, hinting at traditional instruments like Himalayan bowls, tabla and bells while ratcheting up the suspense with glitchy breaks, martial drums and atmospheric pads.

The soundtrack by Cliff Martinez wonderfully complements the action, and, like so much of this design, focuses on staying out of the way of the players -